Stand Up Blue Valley will combat misinformation with facts. We will keep Blue Valley residents informed of issues impacting our schools, how our elected officials are voting and what they are saying. We will vocally support confirmed pro-public ­education candidates. We will spread the word among our neighbors about what can and must be done to defend Blue Valley schools. We are determined to support our district by informing Blue Valley voters about the political process and issues important to our schools. We will work to ensure that our school district has the support necessary to continue the standard of educational excellence that makes Blue Valley a great community for families and businesses alike. 
Funding - Stand Up Blue Valley believes our schools should be adequately funded by the Kansas legislature, through a combination of responsible tax revenues. We believe current funding is not at an adequate level.
Local Control - Stand Up Blue Valley believes that our locally elected Board of Education and our local school administration should be making policy for our schools and should be allowed to use funds as they see fit. We believe they should determine policy such as curriculum decisions, how extracurriculars are funded and managed, they should be given full authority to negotiate with teacher representatives, as examples, without oversight or interference from legislators.  
Outside Interests and Influences - Stand Up Blue Valley is suspicious of out-of-state interest groups who seek to weaken public schools and remove local control from District Boards of Education, with the ultimate goal of privatizing education. 
Attracting and Retaining Quality Educators - Teachers must endure decreased funding, attacks on their profession, and disrespectful comments from Blue Valley area legislators. Stand Up Blue Valley is worried that Blue Valley Public Schools will be unable to attract and retain the best teachers in this toxic environment.
"School Choice" - We believe public funds should be reserved for public schools.


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