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Help fight the takeover of our Blue Valley School Board

Friends, we need your help!

We have a *$2000 MATCHING GRANT* for all donations to Stand Up Blue Valley received by Oct. 1. Donations will be matched until we reach the Matching Grant total of $2000. Our BV parent organization plans to run social media ads and use other forms of communication (that cost $$) to help Get Out The Vote for the A+ Team of Hurley, Dietz, Kessinger, and Norkey, between now and the Nov. 7 Blue Valley School Board election. This matching grant means your donation will go even farther to help our all-volunteer team reach as many Blue Valley voters as possible.

Donate here:

Advance voting by mail starts in only 6 weeks! Advance in-person voting starts in just over 7 weeks, and the Tues., Nov. 7 School Board election is 9 weeks away.

Our community is facing a highly-financed and well-coordinated opposition working to TAKE OVER the Blue Valley School Board - and this isn’t the first time. Stand Up Blue Valley is a direct result of parents and concerned citizens who banded together when Americans For Prosperity tried to get a candidate elected to the BV BoE in 2015. Look who we’re up against in 2023:

The 1776 Project PAC - a group of mega-rich investors based in New York whose stated goal in 2021 was to “take over the entire (Blue Valley) school board.” 1776 already has one BV BoE member, Jim McMullen, a private-school parent who made headlines after he was removed from the Board VP position for making discriminatory tweets using his School Board title in his account. Thus far, McMullen has voted against funding for our BV schools’ vital social workers, against renewing the district’s Microsoft contract (which would have wreaked havoc on virtually every aspect of district operations), and even against high school sports program resources. 1776 is now working to elect like-minded candidates.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) - related dark-money organizations with the goal of privatizing public schools for profit who continually work behind the scenes against our kids’ Blue Valley schools. AFP has already met with two Moms For Liberty-backed Blue Valley School Board candidates earlier this year - who then posted about the meeting on social media.

Moms For Liberty - a fake grassroots organization started in Florida by public education opponents, which has shown up in Blue Valley to spread divisiveness and make false accusations against Board members and school staff, call teachers “groomers,” and embroil our community in culture wars designed to divide us.

State Legislators who vote *against* our kids’ Blue Valley Schools - In 2021, legislators who vote AGAINST our kids and their Blue Valley Schools hosted forums for the “BMW” slate of candidates and ended up helping two of the 3 (McMullen and Kaety Bowers) get elected. These are also the same legislators who vote FOR vouchers, AGAINST fully-funding special education, and who are endorsed by AFP.

We’ll tell you more about how these anti-Blue Valley organizations are working to take over our School Board with THEIR candidate slate; we’ll give members the information they need to help spread the word about how, when, and where to vote FOR candidates who will SUPPORT the schools our kids and community rely on.

Please help our volunteers with a donation today - as we work to Get Out The Vote in the coming weeks.

Read more about who is working for THEIR candidate slate:

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