Get the facts!



Jeff Melcher's Facebook ad claims that more money than ever is going to Blue Valley students. Senator Melcher goes so far as to claim that Blue Valley student funding is a record-high $15,155! And he's even taking credit for it.

Melcher's claim is FALSE!

For 2016-17, the BV per-student annual expenditure is $8,614, per the BVSD website. Extremist legislators are greatly inflating that number with a host of expenses that are NOT directly related to student instruction - and cannot be used on student instruction, by law. These expenses vary from year to year, and include funds to build & maintain buildings used by the general public, teacher retirement payments (known as KPERS), purchase & maintenance of equipment, etc. These non-instructional expenses CANNOT be used to actually teach Blue Valley students. These dollars cannot fund your child's teacher or keep class sizes down. These dollars cannot pay a librarian, language, art, music or computer teacher, a school nurse, counselor, reading/math specialist or paraprofessional.

Even more outrageous, the 15K dollar amount for 2016-17 includes a delayed KPERS payment - it was moved to this budget year from last year, because the state couldn't pay it on time! And Melcher knows that perfectly well.

The state dollar amount allocated to your BV student is NOT over $15k! In fact, accounting for inflation, BV per-student spending has gone DOWN since 2009. But since the Extremists vote against our schools consistently, they're twisting data in an effort to appear that they do support Blue Valley students. They do not, nor will they begin doing so if re-elected.

Remember, these Extremists & their supporters are the ones funding the multiple crazy postcards appearing in your mailbox each day. There's a reason for that. Please think about it before you vote.