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Senator Denning playing political games with school funding

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Enough with the games, Sen. Denning. We want our Blue Valley schools funded.

Crazy things are happening in the Kansas Legislature this week, as remaining Brownbackers pull antics that pose great potential harm to our Blue Valley schools. We're used to it, and we're watching closely.

Today’s topic: Why are Senate ultraconservatives playing games instead of discussing the long-awaited school funding bill passed by the Kansas House today? (It's the Senate’s job to discuss/debate and vote on that bill.) From our vantage point, this is yet another political grandstanding maneuver ahead of the August Republican Primary and the November General Election. We appreciate the adults in the room – moderate legislators from both parties who are standing up to these antics, voting to fund schools, and working to restore Kansas. As we near the end of the scheduled legislative session, our members need to stay informed and check our page frequently for updates. We expect more drama from Brownbackers in the days ahead.

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