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Tax revenue cuts = Public School funding cuts

This article was originally posted 2/15/2021 on SUBV Facebook page

How does the Kansas Legislature cut public school funding without voting to cut public school funding? They cut the SOURCE of public school funding - that is, tax revenue.

Brownbacker-legislators played this trick on Kansans during the “experiment” years...and it’s happening all over again. Last week, the Kansas Senate passed SB 22 which would CUT almost half a BILLION dollars state tax revenue ANNUALLY.

How did BV-area state Senators vote on this bill? A NO vote on SB 22 is a vote FOR BV Schools.

Blue Valley-area Senator Cindy Holscher (District , who was endorsed by SUBV in 2016 and 2018 (as a state Rep) and 2020, voted NO and FOR BV Schools.

BV-area Senators Kellie Warren (District 11), Rob Olson (District 23) and Molly Baumgardner (District 37) all voted YES on this bill to put Kansas on “a bullet train to Brownbackville” as JoCo Sen. Corson described it. SUBV has never endorsed Warren, Olson, or Baumgardner.

As the linked article explains: “The bill was drafted by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. So instead of cutting the regressive sales tax on food, which hits low-income Kansans hardest, this bill would provide relief to businesses and to those Kansans who are paying higher state taxes because of the federal tax changes championed by Donald Trump in 2017. Those changes discouraged itemized deductions, and this change would favor the wealthy.”

Yes - the same Kansas Chamber that is NOT like a local Chamber of Commerce, but the Koch-funded anti-tax, anti-public education entity that supports like-minded legislative candidates, literally drafted this bill. Who are Senators Warren, Olson, and Baumgardner representing with their votes?

Did you move to Blue Valley for the schools? Which do you think BV-area legislators should prioritize - tax bills designed by special interest groups to benefit wealthy Kansans, or the award-winning schools that keep our community strong? And if you support tax cuts, which programs, services, and extracurriculars would you like to see BV Schools cut first?

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