Our award-winning Blue Valley School District is the 'golden goose' that supports our property values and accounts for our thriving local economy. 

Please help us protect Blue Valley schools from a national partisan out-of-state effort to take over local School Boards.

Stand Up Blue Valley is proud to announce that Gina Knapp will fill open seat 5 in the northwest, replacing Stacy Obringer-Varhall.


Congratulations, Gina


Gina Knapp.jpeg

Gina Knapp and her husband moved their family to Blue Valley for the schools three years ago. Her children attend Blue Valley Schools, currently in middle and high school levels. Gina is involved in her kids’ schools and community activities and currently serves as Treasurer of the Quarterback Club for BVNW.

Gina has a business degree from the University of Kansas and an MBA in finance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She works remotely as the CFO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis. Gina has worked in youth-serving nonprofits for years and says, “I am privileged to have been a part of teams that are truly making a difference in the lives of our children and am excited to bring my experience to the Blue Valley Board of Education.” She will be able to draw on her background in finance and her experience in making the lives of youth better in her role as a School Board member.

Here’s how Gina answered the question, “Why are you running for the Blue Valley Board of Education?”

“I am running for School Board because I know Blue Valley can be even better than we already are. I know that we can be more than the best in Kansas, but a model nationally. If we continue to focus on social/emotional learning and mental health coming out of the pandemic, enhance our special education services (which is really a general education issue) and increase our school funding, we can continue to make our community the place to live for generations to come. Our schools are what make our future in Blue Valley bright. I run to support the future of Blue Valley.”

Stand Up Blue Valley is grateful Gina Knapp will be serving our schools and students over the next four years.