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Blue Valley North High School Profile Highlights Student Successes

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Read the list of colleges attended by recent BVN graduates - and know that our Blue Valley schools are setting students up for success. It’s the K-12 education Blue Valley delivers that makes this possible. DON’T allow yourself or you neighbors to be misled by groups or individuals working against our schools - counter with #facts.


407 graduates in 2022

90% of BVN students take the ACT and their *average* score in 2021 was 25.0 (out of 36 possible). That compares well to the Kansas average score of 19.9, and the national average of 19.8

15% take the SAT and the BVN student average score of 1321 (out of 1600) similarly compared well to the Kansas average of 1238 and the national average of 1050 in 2022

412 BVN students took a total of 704 AP tests; 56% scored 4 or higher.

(Check out the list of AP, Honors, and Concurrent Enrollment courses on the attached Profile. By taking AP and Concurrent Enrollment courses, students can earn college credit - some students enter college with a whole year of credits! AP, or Advanced Placement classes, confer college credit based on the AP test score. A score of 3 (out of 5) is generally considered “passing”. More information about AP scores can be found here:

School Profiles are included with student applications to colleges and postsecondary programs, and give colleges important descriptive information about a school, its academic program, and its community. Colleges value high schools with a strong Profile when evaluating applicants. We posted BVHS Profile on Tuesday, and we’ll cover the remaining 3 high schools in the coming days.

Please share with your neighbors - especially those who don’t have kids in Blue Valley Schools, or don’t have kids at the high school level yet. Misinformation about Blue Valley students and their schools is being circulated in our community - and it’s escalating in advance of the Board of Education election. Help combat that with #facts.

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