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Blue Valley's Innovative Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Do you know about Blue Valley CAPS? It’s an amazing example of innovation by Blue Valley Schools, meeting needs of both high school students and the business community. Blue Valley’s Center for Advanced Professional Studies gives high school students the opportunity to experience real-world career-focused learning in several different fields, guided by instructors and mentored by employers in those fields. While students participate in hands-on learning in medicine, teacher education, law, engineering, and more - they can earn college credits through university partnerships! CAPS started in Blue Valley Schools - and has spread to hundreds of districts across the country and even internationally. The program was developed in consultation with employers - asking them what they need in employees - and also meets a real need for students, helping them think about what they want to do...and not life. Spring 2023 CAPS enrollment was about 1400 high school students from all BV high schools. Enrolled students spend a half day at their home high school and the other half at CAPS or a local business where they learn by doing. Business partners include engineering firms, area hospitals, local restaurants, and Blue Valley Schools. If your kids are in elementary or middle school, take some time to get familiar with the opportunities at CAPS. If you have neighbors who don’t have kids in our schools - they may not know about this innovative opportunity in our district. Please share this with them! Read more here about Blue Valley high schoolers immersed in the study of aerospace engineering, medicine, biology, and more: District CAPS info:

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