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Teachers Depend on Your Vote.

Many Blue Valley voters received this reprehensible text from the slate of School Board candidates backed by Moms For Liberty and mega-rich New York investors; the ones who say they want to take our award-winning schools “Back to Basics,” although when confronted on the question of what they mean by that, they’ve flip-flopped and backpedaled. (Nobody moved to Blue Valley so their kids could have a “basic” education.)

We are outraged by this portrayal of Blue Valley teachers - who work daily to educate our community’s children, not “indoctrinate” them. If this Moms For Liberty-backed candidate slate wins - what teacher would want to stay in our district? Who’d want to work under the jurisdiction of such a School Board?

PLEASE do your part to forcefully repudiate these anti-teacher, anti-public education false narratives. VOTE - and be sure ALL your BV friends and neighbors know about the importance of this election to the future of our childrens’ schools as we know them. Off-year elections are notorious for low voter turnout, allowing small numbers of citizens to make big decisions for everyone.

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