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School Nurses Depend on Your Vote

Imagine your child’s school without a nurse. Without vision and hearing screenings. Imagine high school sporting events without a certified athletic trainer on-site to assess injuries. Think of all the ways Blue Valley Schools’ trained counselors, social workers, and school psychologists support the well-being of students and their families. Consider how a student who needs daily medical care - or a student with mental health challenges - might impact the learning of those around them if these vital health care supports aren’t available at school.

Who **opposes** “health care” in our public schools? Moms For Liberty. This national astroturf organization promotes School Board candidates across America, including four running here in Blue Valley. Stripping public schools of essential services makes it easier for to increase community support for vouchers and the privatization of K-12 schools.

We’ve already seen Moms For Liberty’s Blue Valley School Board member Jim McMullen vote **against** the district’s Social Worker contract with Children’s Mercy Hospital. McMullen is endorsing the same four Blue Valley School Board candidates that Moms For Liberty is promoting here locally. Nobody should be surprised by what happens to our kids’ schools IF those candidates win.

Having key health care supports in our schools creates a better learning environment for ALL students. These supports can literally make the difference between life and death.

VOTE to *protect* the health care services so many Blue Valley students and their families rely on. Vote for the A+ Team of Hurley, Dietz, Kessinger & Norkey. ALL Blue Valley voters will vote in *ALL FOUR* School Board seats.

Vote early at BV Hilltop weekdays and Saturday (Nov. 4) - hours and all early locations here: Don’t forget your Photo I.D.

If you wait until Election Day, Tues., Nov. 7, you’ll vote at your assigned polling place (which for most voters is NOT BV Hilltop). Find that here: This link can also be used to see what your ballot will look like before you go - your name must be entered as it appears at the election office.

If you still have your MAIL BALLOT: complete it and drop it off anytime day or night at the secure Blue Valley Library DropBox, or at BV Hilltop during voting hours.

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