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Blue Valley's Warren, Baumgardner, Olson, Croft, Turner, Tarwater vote how NRA says

This article was originally posted 03/09/2023 on SUBV Facebook page

Blue Valley-area Kansas senators Kellie Warren, Molly Baumgardner, and Rob Olson, and representatives Chris Croft, Sean Tarwater, and Carl Turner were all awarded “A” grades by the NRA when they ran for office. And this week, they all voted the way the NRA told them to.

The NRA has developed a program using the mascot “Eddie Eagle” - which has been likened to “Joe Camel with wings” - to teach kids about gun safety. This week Kansas legislators stepped way out of their lane when they voted to require the State Board of Education to establish curriculum guidelines for a standardized firearm safety education program. Decisions to establish such guidelines rest with the elected SBOE. Then the legislature went even farther when they stipulated that the guidelines “shall be based on the eddie eagle gunsafe program offered by the national rifle association.”

The Kansas Constitution established a State Board of Education to oversee schools. Voters elect representatives to the SBOE. It is the job of the SBOE, and NOT the Kansas Legislature, to determine whether curriculum guidelines should be established. The SBOE, NOT the legislature, decides what their guidelines are based on.

What else will the NRA tell legislators to do?

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