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BV-area legislators vote against BV Board and administration wishes to Open Enrollment

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

This article was originally posted 05/14/2022 on SUBV Facebook page

When your Blue Valley student gets cut from their high school sports team, remember who voted for #OpenBorders

Starting in the 2023-24 academic year, any K-12 student in Kansas will be eligible to enroll in Blue Valley Schools, so long as there’s room for that student in one of our buildings.

#OpenBorders legislation means your Blue Valley student’s classroom will be FULL. Your student will compete against out-of-district kids for a spot on Blue Valley sports teams and activities.

Your Blue Valley property values will be negatively impacted. After all, why move to Blue Valley “for the schools” if you can live anywhere – while still enrolling your child here?

Here's the complete list of BV-area legislators directly responsible for fundamentally changing the landscape of our district and the value of our homes. All voted FOR #OpenBorders (HB 2567): KS Senate: Molly Baumgardner, Rob Olson, Kellie Warren KS House: Chris Croft, Megan Lynn, Ron Ryckman, Sean Tarwater, Adam Thomas, Carl Turner

Please THANK the following BV-area legislators who fought against #OpenBorders and who voted AGAINST HB 2567 and FOR your kids and their Blue Valley Schools: KS Senate: Cindy Holscher KS House: Linda Featherston, Heather Meyer, Dan Osman, Mari-Lynn Poskin

#OpenBorders legislation was backed by the anti-public education, dark-money Kansas Policy Institute. It was opposed by Blue Valley Schools, along with districts across Johnson County and the state.

**The ONLY way to STOP #OpenBorders before the new law takes effect is to VOTE AGAINST the legislators who voted for it.** In some cases, you’ll have that chance this August and/or November. Please stay tuned to our page for more information.

For background on #OpenBorders, see our previous post here: **

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