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BV Students bear the cost of SB 40 - with provisions for hearings added by Sen. Kellie Warren

This article was originally posted 04/22/2021 on SUBV Facebook page

How do you feel about your tax dollars being taken away from educating students to fund Blue Valley Schools’ legal costs associated with SB 40? How about critical district resources being continuously redirected to deal with SB 40 hearings?

Be sure to share your comments with the instigator of the mask-hearing section of SB 40, BV-area senator Kellie Warren at, as more and more hearings must be held due to the provisions she pushed for.

When Warren campaigned door to door she claimed to love and support BV schools - now as a State Senator, Warren is working against our BV Schools and our elected volunteer Board of Education members, writing and passing legislation that forces them to waste time, energy, and resources.

Blue Valley Schools is dealing with multiple SB 40 filings, burning through tax dollars that would otherwise be directed to students. Our superintendent, staff from various departments, and school board members are taking time away from students and end-of-year activities to deal with the ongoing SB 40 mess. Was this really necessary?

More on Warren’s role in the SB 40 provisions:

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