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Did your KsLeg members vote to make it HARDER for YOU to vote?

This article was originally posted 2/23/2023 on SUBV Facebook page

Three of 4 BV-area Kansas senators and 3 of 8 BV-area Kansas representatives voted for bills that make it harder for YOU to vote. This anti-voter extremism must be called what it is. (See details on the attached charts.)

What problems in Blue Valley are these elected officials addressing? Are voting drop boxes causing a concern that we aren’t aware of?

Mailed ballots, postmarked on or before Election Day, currently have until the Friday of that week to reach the election office. Actual election officials including the JoCo elections officer and the Secretary of State haven’t raised any concerns with this voter-friendly policy. Why did lawmakers vote to disenfranchise thousands of voters across Kansas? Since drop boxes and mail ballot deadlines AREN’T the problem, are they pandering to their election-denying base?

Kansans want local elected offices to remain nonpartisan. Yet Kansas senators Kellie Warren and Molly Baumgardner voted to inject partisan politics into our School Boards and city governments.

Did your BV-area state legislators vote to make it harder for you and your family to vote in the next election? Email them to ask why: Let us know what they say! Tell them that you don’t want it to be harder to vote, and local elections should remain nonpartisan.

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