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How much will AFP spend to elect Kellie Warren?

This article was originally posted 10/21/2020 on SUBV Facebook page

Your periodic reminder that Americans for Prosperity does NOT care about our kids, their schools, our community, or your property values.

They want you to vote for candidates who will slash taxes on the super rich people hiding behind AFP. They don't live in Blue Valley. Their kids don't go to school here.

Based on incomplete primary reporting, AFP will spend well over six figures on Kellie Warren's race alone. Warren will be beholden to AFP - not Senate 11 voters.

If you don't want our legislature bought and paid for by out-of-town billionaires, be sure to spread the word to your friends. Ask them to use our Voting Guide to elect pro-community, pro-public education candidates who care about you. In Senate 11, that's Dr. Joy Koesten.


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