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Kansas House plays games with our schools

Yesterday, from what we gathered by reading available sources, the Senate members of the Conference Committee kept working toward a resolution on school funding while Rep. Kristey Williams, no doubt in coordination with Speaker Ron Ryckman (Olathe), refused to negotiate in good faith and at the end of the day, walked out of talks and even refused to schedule the next meeting.

We wonder if Ryckman and Williams really get that our families, kids, and teachers are real people affected in very real ways by their actions? Perhaps they think this is all one big reality TV show where the more drama, the better ratings? FYI, Representatives, Blue Valley voters much prefer a nice documentary over “Survivor” when it comes to our schools.

Here’s an account from one person who closely followed the events of the day - note how Senators Baumgardner and Hensley tried to explain why they supported the state funding excess special education costs, while Rep. Williams, ostensibly representing the House, wouldn’t agree to keep any provision that special education costs will be covered. Millions of dollars in special education costs, of which Blue Valley Schools has more than the average, will have to come from somewhere. If not from the legislature - get ready for those cuts somewhere next year.

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