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Moms For Liberty misinformation mirrors that from KPI and AFP - working to destroy public schools

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

SUBV members have reported receiving flyers from “Moms For Liberty'' (recently named an anti-government extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center - link below) on their windshields and at their doors. Notice the resemblance to the misinformation from Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) and its parent Americans For (their own) Prosperity (AFP)?

What’s their motive? To distract you from the real issues facing our kids and their Blue Valley Schools.

MFL wants you to be mad about a high school library book and forget about your kids’ large class sizes.

They want voters arguing about social issues instead of why the Kansas Legislature refuses to fully fund Special Education - even with a BILLION-dollar budget surplus. (This means SPED costs are covered using General Education dollars, depleting funding resources for *every* Blue Valley student - not just students receiving SPED services.)

MFL members show up at school board meetings with false accusations and distractions, attempting to demoralize school board members, administrators, and teachers.

MFL is working to destroy our neighborhood public schools by driving out teachers and librarians, calling them “groomers” and backing “parents’ rights” legislation designed to dramatically increase teacher workloads. (Every Blue Valley parent already has full access to their children’s curriculum and assignments - as any parent paying attention knows.)

We are fortunate that despite the efforts of the local branch of the pseudo-grassroots MFL, Blue Valley has excellent candidates for our school board election this November.

Over the summer we’ll discuss the November 2023 School Board election, and which candidates are members of and supported by MFL. MFL already has one active member on our BV BOE - Jim McMullen. Kaety Bowers was a member of JoCo MFL at one time, but Bowers has recently resigned from the Board.

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