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Thank you!

Thanks to over 40 generous supporters, we have raised over $2000 in under a week! That means we can use our $2000 matching grant fully! Thank you!

Don’t let that stop you from donating, if you haven’t already! ;)

Our team is all volunteers - so our funds will go far to help inform voters about the Nov. 7 School Board election.

Your help is also *critical* in sharing information - by sharing our posts, and more importantly, TALKING to your friends and neighbors. Stand Up Blue Valley was started in 2015 when we realized Blue Valley voters - who love and support our schools - didn’t even know there was a School Board election coming up, much less that Americans For Prosperity was supporting a candidate!

Your friends will appreciate the information - trust us. Start talking to them now at school events, neighborhood get-togethers, when you’re out for a walk. Let them know outside influences have told us they plan to take over our School Board. (See Sunday’s post if you missed that.) Make sure they know to check our website for the information they need to vote FOR our kids’ schools.

We’re counting on your help!

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