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Who Are The Moms For “Liberty”?

This article was originally posted 10/13/2022 on SUBV Facebook page

What do dumping voting machines, attacking public schools, dog-whistling about “Critical Race Theory,” banning books, and promoting Americans For Prosperity’s extreme agenda ALL have in common? Meet Moms for “Liberty.”

A Johnson County Moms for Liberty founder, Carrie Rahfaldt, is running for the Kansas Legislature in Overland Park/Leawood against incumbent legislator Mari-Lynn Poskin. Another MFL member, Overland Park legislative candidate Terry Fredrick, is running against incumbent legislator Dan Osman.

JoCo Moms for Liberty is **so extreme** that it recently rallied members to email the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners to **GET RID OF VOTING MACHINES** in our elections here. Yikes. (see picture)

This is frightening, especially the more you know about this astroturf group.

Koch-aligned Moms for Liberty is a national 501(c)(4) organization that partners with other far-right groups to attack public education in America. MFL has been in the headlines for putting bounties on teachers and targeting librarians, school administrators, and school board members.

The group falsely claims that school parents don’t have “rights” and “access” to what their children are learning in school. They employ racist dog-whistles around “CRT” and accuse educators of “programming” and “grooming” students. The Johnson County chapter even recruits among its members to testify in Topeka supporting Americans For Prosperity legislative positions.

MFL has joined with similar groups like “Parents Defending Education” to work toward privatization of public education. The following article is comprehensive, well worth reading, and includes links to other content:

Far-right elected officials are active in the Johnson County MFL chapter.

BV-area state senator Kellie Warren, best known as Sponsor of this August’s “Value Them Both” amendment, is a Moms for Liberty founder and speaker at their meetings. SUBV members know Warren as a legislator who regularly votes against our kids and their Blue Valley Schools. In 2021, Warren voted to slash $570 million from state public education funding - trying to steal money from children during a pandemic - among her LONG list of bad votes.

A MFL spokesperson appeared at a recent campaign rally for far-right candidates including Michelle Dombrosky, a JoCo Moms for Liberty member who’s also on the State Board of Education. (see picture) Dombrosky supports voucher expansion, ARMING TEACHERS, and abstained from voting on a Parents As Teachers funding increase. JoCo MFL recently endorsed Dombrosky and she was listed as a speaker at their September meeting. SUBV has endorsed Sheila Albers in this critical race.

JoCo Moms for Liberty has organized regular canvassing events for far-right Board of County Commissioners Chair candidate Charlotte O’Hara. (SUBV has endorsed Roeland Park Mayor Mike Kelly in this race.) O’Hara was listed as a speaker at MFL’s September meeting.

Bigoted BV School Board member Jim McMullen is a founding “Moms” for Liberty member along with Rahfaldt and Warren. McMullen was a scheduled speaker at MFL’s meeting, following his ouster as BV BOE Vice President due to a series of offensive tweets under his school board title.

BV BOE member Kaety Bowers, who ran for the School Board on a slate with McMullen and Christine White, was an early and active member of MFL. Bowers was the scheduled speaker at the group’s June 7 meeting, though she no longer appears as a member online as of today.

Friends, we do NOT need more Moms for “Liberty” in our legislature, State School Board, or any elected position! Please consider sharing this information with your Johnson County friends and neighbors, or recommend our page to them. These are NOT your typical “moms next-door.”

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