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1776 Project PAC is back in Blue Valley's business

Did you check your mail yesterday? Many Blue Valley voters found this mailer from the 1776 Project PAC in their boxes.

Ultra-rich investors behind 1776 want to privatize K-12 education - so they can profit from it. Award-winning, high-performing public school districts like ours stand in their way. Blue Valley Schools is the top district in Kansas and among the TOP 1% of districts in the nation.

Allow us to share a few #Facts with the 1776ers: Blue Valley is objectively EXCELLENT; finances ARE transparent. Our schools ARE safe. Blue Valley already has School Resource Officers and the district constantly evaluates safety needs. Blue Valley Schools are NOT the schools described in this postcard from this New York organization.

1776-endorsed Blue Valley School Board candidates are campaigning on a “Back-to-Basics” model for one of the leading school districts in America.

Stripped-down “basic” Blue Valley schools would send families to private schools and create widespread community support for private school vouchers. Your Blue Valley tax dollars would be diverted from your community’s public schools to exclusive private, religious, and - increasingly - FOR-PROFIT schools.

THIS is why outsider millionaires and billionaires want to take control of our School Board.

Our community’s kids are counting on a School Board composed of experienced, proven leaders who HAVE helped our schools BECOME and STAY excellent: Patrick Hurley, Jodie Dietz, Jan Kessinger, and Clay Norkey.

Toss that 1776 postcard in recycling and sign up for a mail ballot here:

In-person advance voting starts Sat. Oct. 28 at the Blue Valley Hilltop Campus.

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