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Across the country, MFL uses lies, distortions, fear tactics, hate speech against teachers, kids

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Google "Moms For Liberty” and here's what you'll see:

A Florida School Board member who unseated a MFL co-founder was subjected to threats, harassment, and was falsely reported to DFS for child abuse.

A Michigan MFL Chapter administrator posted threats of political violence against those who didn’t back their agenda.

An Arkansas MFL member was recorded talking about gunning down a school librarian.

An Indiana chapter made national headlines when they quoted Hitler at the top of their newsletter.

MFL is classified as an extreme, anti-government organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center, making the same list as the Ku Klux Klan, OathKeepers, and Proud Boys.

Princeton University’s Bridging Divides, a non-partisan research initiative that tracks and mitigates political violence in the United States, has MFL on its radar.

MFL organized in early 2021 - highly-funded and coordinated, with ties to major, far-right GOP donors including Publix grocery chain heiress Julie Fancelli who helped finance one of the rallies that led up to the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

At first, MFL fought public school boards nationwide on COVID-19 mitigation issues. Then MFL pivoted to fighting public schools - and individual teachers - on issues including curriculum, library books, educator training, diversity awareness, and racial and social issues. MFL flies the false flag of “parents’ rights,” as though such rights don’t already exist in our public schools. MFL uses lies, distortions, fear tactics, and hate speech against teachers, children, and school board members.

When MFL’s anti-public education, anti-teacher rhetoric reaches uninformed ears, some people may think our schools DO have big problems. Does Blue Valley have problems? Despite being one of the best school districts in the nation, of course there is room for improvement. Any school - public or private - has room to do better. But - and this is important - the same elected officials and dark-money special interests working to de-fund and privatize our area public schools are also Moms For Liberty-Johnson County members.

MFL-JoCo doesn’t want you focused on what the elected officials among its membership are up to. They want you arguing with your neighbor about a high school library book. And they definitely don’t want you banding together with your neighbors to protect the public schools in your community.

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