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Blue Valley High School Profile Highlights Student Success, Challenges Misinformation

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

What is a school profile and why is it important?

School profiles convey important descriptive information about a school, its academic program, and its community, and they are included with student applications to colleges and postsecondary programs. Attending a high school with a strong School Profile helps elevate students’ personal academic achievements when applying to colleges.

Why should parents care?

It’s difficult for parents to see the full scope of how the top-rated district in Kansas is performing, when we are stuck in our unique student silos. The High School Profile tells a story of student performance that encompasses the results of K-12 in one snapshot.

BEWARE of groups that cherry-pick and manipulate data to misinform our community, claiming Blue Valley Schools are failing students. Be extra careful of groups using the NATIONAL COVID performance dip as the basis of undoing decades of Blue Valley successes. Districts across the country saw declines after Covid-19 disruptions.


  • Enrolls just shy of 1500 students in grades 9-12

  • 89% of BVHS students take the ACT and their *average* score in 2021 was 24.3 (out of 36 possible). That compares well to the Kansas average score of 19.9, and the national average of 19.8

  • 17% take the SAT and the BVHS student average score of 1321 (out of 1600) similarly compared well to the Kansas average of 1238 and the national average of 1050 in 2022

  • 543 BVHS students took a total of 690 AP tests and almost half scored 4 or higher.

(Check out the list of courses where students can earn college credit - some students enter college with a whole year of credits! AP, or Advanced Placement classes, confer college credit based on the AP test score. A score of 3 (out of 5) is generally considered “passing”. More information about AP scores can be found here:

It will be important for our members to SHARE this information with their neighbors and friends who may be receiving MISINFORMATION about the quality of our Blue Valley Schools. As parents ourselves, we know the frustrations that can come with getting kids through their schooling, including difficult classroom situations, grades/homework, fighting to receive Special Education services, and sometimes a difficult year due to teacher fit. However, it’s important for parents experiencing a pain point to be able to see the big picture - and some will use one negative experience to misinform, build resentment, and try to paint the whole experience in a negative light.

Stand Up Blue Valley will share ALL 5 Blue Valley High School Profiles over the next few days. If you moved to Blue Valley for the schools and your student hasn’t yet reached high school - we think you’ll be pleased when they do.

More information about AP scores can be found here:

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