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Blue Valley Northwest High School Profile: More Impressive Stats From Our Graduates

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

High School Profiles summarize in a snapshot the results of K-12 education for graduates and students of the school district - and all 5 Blue Valley High Schools show our graduates’ performance well exceeds state and national averages. If you missed our highlights of profiles from BVHS and BVN, be sure to take a look at those on our website Blog or Facebook page.

Don’t let your neighbors - or yourself - be misled by groups who misuse data points or share anecdotal information to disparage our Blue Valley Schools. Profiles of high school student academic performance compared to national averages tell a different story.


  • Enrolls just over 1500 students in grades 9-12

  • 90% of BVNW students take the ACT and their *average* score in 2021 was 24.9 (out of 36 possible). Compare this to the Kansas average score of 19.9, and the national average of 19.8

  • 10% take the SAT and the BVNW student average SAT score of 1282 (out of 1600) exceeds the Kansas average of 1238 and the national average of 1050 in 2022

  • 386 BVNW students took a total of 649 AP tests.

(AP, or Advanced Placement classes, confer college credit based on the AP test score. A score of 3 (out of 5) is generally considered “passing”. Just taking college level classes in high school is great preparation, and colleges want to see a high school transcript with evidence of rigorous coursework and willingness to try hard things.)

Blue Valley Schools serve ALL students: ones who take AP classes, ones who have learning and behavior differences. Ones who moved here in high school and may need to catch up. Ones who aren’t interested in college after high school and others who plan to apply to competitive colleges. Take a look at the overall stats from our thousands of high school students to see the results.

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