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Blue Valley West High School Profile: Students Exceeding State and National Standards

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

High School Profiles are submitted with college applications when the school sends transcripts. They provide a summary of the high school’s students, course offerings, and overall results. Be sure to read our highlights of profiles from Blue Valley High, North, and Northwest High Schools if you missed them - on our website blog or facebook page.

Like our other BV high schools, Blue Valley West students and graduates have put some stellar scores on their transcripts. Read this profile to see how they are prepared for college; many go into college with credits thanks to courses in high school.

Unfortunately, some groups wish to undermine our schools by spreading information designed to have community members questioning their success. Be sure to share the #facts with friends who don’t have kids in our BV high schools - let’s spread the word!


  • Enrolls over 1600 students in grades 9-12

  • 90% of BVW students take the ACT and their *average* score in 2021 was 24.0 (out of 36 possible) - well above the Kansas average score of 19.9, and the national average of 19.8

  • 16% take the SAT and the BVW student average score of 1320 (out of 1600) is well above the Kansas average of 1238 and the national average of 1050 in 2022

  • 405 BVW students took a total of 673 AP tests and 60% scored 4 or higher.

(Read the list of courses on the profile where students can earn college credit - some students enter college with a whole year of credits! AP, or Advanced Placement classes, confer college credit based on the AP test score. A score of 3 (out of 5) is generally considered “passing”. More information about AP scores can be found here:

Remember, like all public schools, Blue Valley Schools serve ALL students. There’s no entrance exams, no litmus tests. Yet our high schools’ results compare favorable to even private schools who are allowed to pick and choose.

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