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Candidate Profile: Patrick Hurley

We've endorsed Patrick Hurley for re-election to the Blue Valley School Board.

***ALL voters will vote in ALL FOUR Board positions!***

Advance Voting starts Sat. Oct. 28 at BV Hilltop.

Patrick Hurley has served 2 School Board terms and was elected Board President by his fellow Board members the past 2 years. During his 8 years on the Board, the district has won repeated accolades including Top 1% of school districts in the nation and Best in Kansas. As the longest-seated Board member running for re-election, Hurley brings the perspective of “where we’ve been” to “where we’re going.”

Financial Responsibility and Knowledge: The school district and Board members, including Hurley, have advocated the Kansas Legislature for adequate funding, and have been able to increase teacher and staff pay due to improved funding. During his 8 years, the district has passed two Bond initiatives to fund needed new school buildings as well as safety and security upgrades and important maintenance to all buildings. Hurley has prioritized the needs of Blue Valley students and staff when considering his votes on fiscal matters. He understands Kansas’ complex school funding funding formula - including how funds can (and canNOT) be used.

Educational Excellence: BV students score the highest in the state and significantly above national averages on college readiness and entrance exams including ACT, SAT, and PSAT. These comprehensive tests of college readiness represent a cumulation of K - 12 education and reflect the impact of dozens of teachers and staff over years.

Mental Health: During Hurley’s tenure on the Board, BV has prioritized mental well-being of students and staff. Student suicides have gone from 6-7 each year to ZERO over the past 2 years, which is meaningful news in our community. Hurley recently voted to keep Social Workers in all schools, one important component of mental health support the district has introduced. Hurley supports ALL students and families inclusively. In a district of over 22k students, this approach is vital.

Personal connections: Here’s what a member posted on our page a few weeks ago: “Patrick Hurley personally helped guide my husband & myself through some unfamiliar territory. He demonstrated patience, offered factual information, & was responsive to all follow-up. He never offered his opinion or thoughts on the matter at hand. We felt as if he cared about helping us, help our son.”

Another SUBV member described Hurley as “calm and measured even when things get heated.”

Moderate and Mainstream: Hurley earned a 100% rating from Mainstream Coalition. His opponent did not return the survey.

Patrick Hurley is a practicing attorney and brings important legal expertise to the Board. He and his wife have lived in Blue Valley since 1999, with two children attending Blue Valley Schools, and are active in our community.

Check your voter registration and order a mail ballot here:

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