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Christian Nationalism & fascism - A parent speaks out about Moms For Liberty

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Moms For Liberty came out of nowhere just over two years ago and purportedly now has hundreds of chapters across the country. The pseudo-grassroots organization with murky funding uses hot-button social issues to pit neighbor against neighbor. When we take a deeper look (which we’ll keep doing), the motives of MFL turn out to be much more than just those social wedge issues.

Parents across America are now speaking out loud and clear against Moms For Liberty. We appreciated the recent insight of Pennsylvania mom Diana Leygerman, tweeting about MFL’s destructive influence in her area and some of their deeper motives. Here’s the whole thread:

“Recently, I've been interviewed several times about Moms for Liberty and their hostile takeover of our school board and community. Every single time, I'm asked the same question:

How has this divisiveness affected your community?

My answer is simple: Your premise is wrong.

There is no "divisiveness" in our community.

There's far-right extremism attempting to rewrite history and erase marginalized groups.

There are astroturfed groups, funded by those who aim to destroy public education.

There's an effort to weaponize parenthood.

There are power hungry politicians who activate parents and turn them into their assets in order to win political games.

There are those who want Christian nationalism in our public schools.

There is extreme far-right propaganda that has infiltrated minds.

There's the active push of one religion and of one ideology onto the rest of us.

There's the faux battle cry of "parental rights" that really just means rights for some and only them.

There's a concrete effort to oppress and to other people by the far-right extremists.

I didn't get any more left over the last decade. I have always had the same morals and ethics. Those haven't changed. I check myself rather frequently.

What changed is the rise of extremism. Literal Nazis walking the streets in daylight. White supremacists creating policy.

There's no divisiveness. In Central Bucks, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are fighting together to push away the fascism breathing down our necks.

Don't label it as divisiveness. Label it for what it is: Christian Nationalism & fascism.”

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