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Extreme School Boards wreaking havoc in districts across the country

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Blue Valley parents and patrons are used to our district making the news - for many great reasons. Academic and athletic accomplishments, innovative instructional spaces and methods, mental health support training for staff and programs for students - there’s a lot of good news.

Sleep through the November 7 School Board election and our news may be MUCH different.

Across the country and right here in JoCo (Gardner-Edgerton), extreme candidates - many recruited, backed, and funded by Moms For Liberty (recently named an “anti-government extremist entity” by the Southern Poverty Law Center) have been elected by complacency and low voter turnout. Excellent school districts are being dismantled, their teachers being driven out by extreme school boards.

Prized superintendent fired in Colorado by a 4-3 majority. Charter school approved and given space in the district high school. Open Meetings laws defied and flaunted. Students and families driven away. Mental health supports jettisoned.

This. Could. Be. Us.

Blue Valley voters MUST pay attention to this election.

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