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New York PAC with racist agenda makes endorsements in BV School Board race

This article was originally posted 9/12/2021 on SUBV Facebook page

There’s a disturbing new development in the Blue Valley School Board race. A New York-based political action committee with deep pockets and a thinly-veiled racist agenda has endorsed BOE candidates Kaety Bowers, Christine White, and Jim McMullen. We learned of this endorsement when McMullen recently retweeted it.

The 1776 Project PAC appears to have the sole motive of race-baiting voters in opposition to Critical Race Theory - law-school-level theoretical discussion which isn't taught in K-12 schools. Ignoring this reality, the 1776 Project PAC website opens with a pop-up prompting viewers to “Report a School Promoting Critical Race Theory.” Navigating the PAC website from one page to the next, that pop-up repeats over and over again.

FEC filings show nearly $150,000 in donations to the newly-formed PAC this year. Of the 120 donations, ONE is from Kansas. Here we go again - outside special interests attempting to buy seats on the Blue Valley School Board with a reprehensible agenda that 1) does not reflect our community’s values and 2) puts Blue Valley back in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

As Blue Valley graduates prepare to enter the global economy, understanding principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are necessary tools for success. Having an accurate knowledge of history, government, and social science disciplines is absolutely essential for high schoolers taking Advanced Placement exams. Attracting innovative businesses and industry to this area requires public schools that welcome and acknowledge individuals of varied ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. NONE of that is “CRT,” and Bowers, White and McMullen know it. All three have taken positions opposing “CRT" and arguing against "unproven ideologies," wording with concerning undertones. The candidates have used - ARE using - the “CRT” bogeyman to distract and divide voters, and to dog-whistle to others at the same time. If you are a Blue Valley parent who honestly believes CRT is being taught to your child in school, contact your principal or any School Board member to learn the facts.

Our members know that Stand Up Blue Valley started in 2015 to fight back against outside special interests working to undercut the excellence of our Blue Valley public schools. This is yet another example of an ongoing battle with hostile outsiders. No PAC from New York should have ANY say in our kids’ education. We’re sure the vast majority of Blue Valley parents would agree. Dog-whistles, disinformation, and racist innuendo are not welcome here.

We don't know about the other 24 school board races The 1776 Project PAC plans to be involved in, but we do know that we aren't letting out-of-state political operatives try to buy seats on our Blue Valley School Board without a fight. Are you with us?

Read more about CRT in area politics here:

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