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Six reasons why Moms for Liberty is an extremist organization

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Here’s one more perspective on Moms For Liberty, following its recent national summit in Philadelphia. We’ve summarized it below, but encourage you to read and share the whole piece - which includes many links to back up the statements. Briefly:

MFL has been categorized as an extremist organization in part because member chapters advance conspiracy theories, spread hateful rhetoric, and target teachers and school officials.

Prominent MFL members have close ties to the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, QAnon and white Christian nationalists.

Leaders of MFL chapters across the country have made headlines for their extreme behavior. The chair of the Monroe County, Pa., MFL chapter of was arrested for harassment. The head of communications for an Arkansas chapter allegedly threatened librarians with gun violence. A restraining order was issued to the chair of the Livingston County, Mich., chapter after she reportedly told school board members, “We’re coming after you. Take it as a threat. Call the FBI. I don’t care.”

MFL recent national speakers included an anti-Muslim activist, a politician who has characterized homosexuality as “filth,” and a person who claimed local sheriffs have more authority than the US Government.

MFL makes the absurd allegation that teachers are engaged in a coordinated effort to “make children trans and gay.”

They’ve complained about books teaching US history as “anti-American.” The Williamson County, Tenn., chapter of Moms for Liberty demanded the removal of “The Story of Ruby Bridges,” a children’s book about a six-year old who integrated a school in Louisiana in 1960, from the school library.

Moms For Liberty’s threats and antics are happening *across the country* and making national news daily. Concerningly, there is a large, secretive, active MFL chapter in Johnson County. They are coming for Johnson County School Boards in November. Stay tuned.

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