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The Blue Valley school board is at a turning point

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

“The Blue Valley school board is at a turning point, with two rival slates of candidates running with vastly different views on diversity initiatives, curriculum and how to lead the district.” This coverage of Blue Valley School Board candidates in yesterday’s KC Star does a good job of summing up some huge differences. We encourage you to read and share it.

Voters have an important choice to make in the Nov. 7 School Board election - a choice we contend is an easy one.

The A+ Team of Patrick Hurley, Jodie, Dietz, Jan Kessinger, and Clay Norkey responded to interview questions for this article. They say the district is headed in the right direction but must do more to tackle staffing and funding challenges. Blue Valley is on the right path, with strong student achievement and quality teachers. The A+ Team “has the experience necessary to lead one of the most successful districts in the county.”

Their opponents did NOT return the Star's request for an interview. Information for the article was taken from the recent BV Post Candidate Forum and a local podcast hosted by two Moms For Liberty members.

As the KC Star says: “If the conservative group managed to sweep next month’s election, it would gain a strong majority on the seven-member school board, which could drastically change the district’s direction.”

We *already know* what that direction will be. The candidates supported by Moms For Liberty and endorsed by the New York-based 1776 Project PAC are campaigning on a “Back To Basics” platform. Families don’t move to Blue Valley for a “Basic” education. They’ll flee to the private - and FOR PROFIT - schools that would open or expand in the wake of the Moms For Liberty-backed candidates getting elected to our School Board. This opens the door to greater support for vouchers - where taxpayer dollars “follow” students to private and FOR-PROFIT schools. That's why anti-public education groups are backing these School Board candidates in the first place.

If you applied for a mail ballot, those go out today. Be ready to complete and return it via mail or drop box. Early in-person voting starts on Sat., Oct. 28 at BV Hilltop and other locations; see hours and locations here:

Don’t wait until election day to vote for the future of Blue Valley kids.

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