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A concerted Nationwide Effort to divide, mislead, and frighten voters

This article was originally posted 10/31/2021 on SUBV Facebook page

Douglas County, Colorado. Shawnee Mission. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Olathe. Blue Valley. Fort Worth, Texas. Oldham County, Kentucky. Rochester, Minnesota. Scottsdale, Arizona.

We continue to get questions from voters concerned about Critical Race Theory in our Blue Valley Schools. Meanwhile we’ve had reports of *the same mailer* from the New-York-based 1776 Project PAC that BV voters got, delivered to voters throughout Johnson County and even in the Philadelphia area. Google the terms “critical race theory” and “school board” and see for yourself - it’s everywhere. This is a concerted NATIONWIDE EFFORT to divide, mislead, and frighten voters. It’s not only the 1776 Project PAC either - Koch-backed KPI’s “Sentinel” has published 10 articles about CRT this year. Certain Kansas Legislators have been falsely claiming CRT is in our schools and blaming it for student mental health issues.

The candidates for BV School Board endorsed by “1776” use CRT fears to prey on vulnerable voters, while they send mailers and post on social media against divisiveness. Please.

Some of your friends believe, or at least question, this. Some of your neighbors read the KPI Sentinel. What can we do? For now, get out the vote for candidates who are qualified and truly do care about every student, every family, every teacher and staff member. This means today and tomorrow and even Tuesday - call, email, and text your friends and make SURE they plan to vote AND know who to vote for. If they’re voting in the Mayoral race we don’t want them to leave School Board blank!

After Tuesday? What can we do? Depends on what happens Tuesday.

Share our website with your friends and ask them if they’ve voted, if they plan to vote, and make sure they know how important it is.

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