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Candidate Profile: Jan Kessinger

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

We’ve endorsed Jan Kessinger for re-election to the Blue Valley School Board.

***ALL voters will vote in ALL FOUR Board positions!***

Advance Voting starts Sat. Oct. 28 at BV Hilltop.

Jan Kessinger, a current Board member, was appointed to the Board by a vote of sitting Board members, chosen from numerous applicants. Kessinger has previously served the Blue Valley community as an elected Kansas State Representative from 2017-2021.

Financial Knowledge: As a former legislator, Kessinger knows very well the role of a School Board, in contrast to the role of the Kansas Legislature, in determining school funding. While serving in the legislature, he voted to end the Brownback tax disaster and worked with public education supporters in the state legislature to increase school funding. Kessinger understands the complexities of state school finance laws, and knows how funds can (and canNOT) be used.

Business Connections: Kessinger has the highest lifetime score of any Johnson County legislator on the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce Legislative scorecard. (OP Chamber is a true Chamber of Commerce, with community business members.) As the retired president of a consulting company, Kessinger traveled the world - but chose to locate his business in Blue Valley. He is acutely aware of the importance of excellent public schools to attract businesses and families, and thereby the success of our local economy, housing values, and quality of life.

Dedicated Supporter of BV Schools: During his years in the legislature, Kessinger took every opportunity to vote for our Blue Valley Schools. He stood up to Brownback & Co. against tax cuts for the wealthiest of Kansans at the expense of educating children. For this, Kessinger faced a Republican Primary challenger, Jane Dirks, in August 2020 and lost. (Current State Representative Mari-Lynn Poskin went on to defeat Dirks in Nov. 2020, and has since defeated GOP challenger Carrie Rahfaldt in Nov. 2022.) After leaving the legislature, Kessinger continued to be a vocal supporter of our schools as he worked in the Kansas Department of Commerce before retiring.There is no stronger supporter of our kids and their Blue Valley Schools than Jan Kessinger. He knows our schools are already excellent. As a Board member, Kessinger is working to maintain district excellence and build upon it.

Community Connections: Kessinger is regarded throughout Johnson County as a true servant-leader of many years. He is very active in the Church of the Resurrection, including his service as a volunteer Congregational Connection and Care Minister. He serves on the Church of the Resurrection Board of Trustees, served on Church Council, is a small group leader, and has taught adult education. He has been active in developing the missions program and missions training at COR.

Listens and Cares: As a State Representative, Kessinger held more than 50 town hall meetings. He shows up: at Board meetings, advisory meetings, community input events, district events. He’s there to interact with and hear from his constituents - every student, staff member, parent, and voter in Blue Valley. Here’s what an SUBV member posted about Kessinger: “Has perfected the art of listening (and note-taking) in Board Advisory meetings and is incredibly approachable despite his decades of leadership experience.”

Jan and his wife have lived in the Blue Valley School District for 39 years; their children attended Blue Valley Schools - back when the district had only 2 high schools! - and now he is a grandparent of a Blue Valley student. What a testament to the success of the community created by our outstanding schools!

Check your voter registration and order a mail ballot here:

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