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"F--k you, we're taking over school boards whether you like it or not."

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Ryan James Girdusky is the founder of the 1776 Project PAC. This New York-based group that promotes misinformation and fringe views is coming for our Blue Valley School Board, whether WE like it or not.

We’ve previously posted about Girdusky’s PAC - one with a patriotic-sounding name but a racist, divisive agenda based on lies - when it endorsed the BMW slate of School Board candidates in August 2021. We're watching early voting numbers and we can tell you this: People who have NEVER voted in an odd-year election before ARE voting. Most likely AGAINST our kids and their schools. We must Get Out The Vote with more people who will vote FOR our schools.

Voters must elect Andrew Van Der Laan, Gina Knapp, and Lindsay Weiss - the qualified candidates who want to make our schools better - for everyone's kids. Vote today and tomorrow 10 - 7, Saturday 9 - 3, Monday 8 - noon at BV Hilltop Campus, 7700 W. 143rd St or other JoCo locations here OR plan to vote on Election Day at your usual polling place. And get your family and friends to vote. All of them. Read more about the 1776 Project PAC: and Get our Voting Guide and read about our endorsements:


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