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Friends, pat yourselves on the back.

Governor Kelly's education funding plan finally made it through the Kansas House yesterday, and was passed by the Senate. YOU did this. Your advocacy made this happen!

Remember last week, when several BV-area Reps voted for a terrible “education policy” bill that was passed by the House: House Sub for SB 16? That bill was bad for special education, lacked necessary funding provisions, and usurped BV local control. It was reminiscent of the Brownback years - and our members were DONE. BV-area voters have been fired up all session, but never more so than after some of our own legislators voted for that horrible bill. Parents, grandparents, teachers, graduates of our schools, and concerned citizens immediately mobilized with calls and emails to local legislators. ALL Johnson County school districts united against this bad education bill. The Kansas House had spent an entire session stalling on a basic education funding, but BV voters could not be fooled. The Senate actually supported the governor's plan, so mayhem in the House made the target clear. You knew what to do. Your advocacy, calls, emails, visits to Topeka - it all made the difference.

Governor Kelly is expected to sign the school funding legislation into law, so our members can be proud of this hard-won victory for kids. But even though we're celebrating, can we rest? Can we take our eyes off Topeka? Are far-right legislators really standing down? Our members are experts at this by now, so - what do you think?

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