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#Here'sWhatHappens...Douglas County, Colorado (Blue Valley School Board)

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Douglas County, Colorado is the highest earning county in the state, and is ranked 9th in the nation for median household income. Voters consistently pass bonds to fund their schools. Students do well on state and college entrance tests.

In 2021, the Douglas County school board was taken over by four 1776-backed candidates.

Since then, those 4 have been found by a judge to have violated the state’s Open Meetings Law. They spent $186,000 of the school district’s money fighting that in court.

The subject of their secret meetings? Firing the district’s Superintendent - who then was awarded over $800,000 in a wrongful termination settlement.

The four drafted new policy and pushed it through - despite other Board members and district officials asking for more time for input.

1776 candidates campaigned in 2021 on an anti-CRT platform and won; the Douglas County district is now being sued for discrimination in federal court. 1776 DougCo Board members continue to argue against DEI and claim equity is bad.

The Nov. 7 election could give 1776 the opportunity to take over the Blue Valley School Board. Our community must elect the candidates who answer to local voters - not outside groups hostile to our schools. Be sure your neighbors know to vote for the A+ Team of Hurley, Dietz, Kessinger, and Norkey. It’s easy to find the info on our Facebook page (pinned to the top) and our website. Help spread the word.

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