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Kansas City Star: Jim McMullen's Twitter scrutinized

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We’re sharing just a few quotes from today’s Kansas City Star article about candidate Jim McMullen. We urge voters to read the entire article. Read more at: “Blue Valley school board candidate Jim McMullen is facing mounting backlash over a series of social media posts that some parents and students argue are transphobic, downplay the risks of COVID-19, and question promotion of equity in schools.” ... “Last year, McMullen posted on social media, “there are no 8 year old transgender kids.” He also shared an ABC News article about a mother of a transgender child asking President Joe Biden what he will do to protect LGBTQ rights. McMullen wrote, “ABC promoting a child abuser.”” ... “In social media posts, McMullen has written that social-emotional learning, or SEL, is “drivel,” “elevates navel gazing” and “is the most self-absorbed foolish trend in education.”” ... “Earlier this year, McMullen posted on social media that some COVID-19 patients had seen improvements by taking ivermectin, a drug used to get rid of parasites in animals and humans. But the Food and Drug Administration and other health officials have urged the public to ignore misinformation about the drug, which should not be taken for COVID.” ... “Other posts by McMullen argue that COVID-19 is of no risk to children. And some have criticized him for “fat shaming” while talking about the virus. “It’s OK to tell people to stop being fat, eat healthy and exercise regularly,” he wrote in one post.” ... “But McMullen disagrees with the use of the word “equity,” arguing that it “conveys the idea that the government will weigh in to bring about equal outcomes based (on) certain demographic groups.”” ... The Star saved this one for last (emphasis ours): “McMullen said if he were elected, his main goals would be to push for advanced literacy and dedicated writing instruction. ***He is also pushing for smaller class sizes and higher teacher compensation.***” Again: “Smaller class sizes” = more teachers. The Board canNOT add teachers and at the same time pay them more. The BOE does not determine how much our schools are funded. That’s the KsLeg. We urge voters to read the entire article. There's much, much more. Read more at:

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