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Stand Up Blue Valley is pleased to endorse Jodie Dietz for Blue Valley Board of Education Member 3 (South Area). After thorough evaluation, we believe Dietz is the single best candidate for this important position. We strongly encourage South Area residents to vote for Jodie Dietz in the August 6 primary. Advance voting in-person at BV Hilltop, or by mail, is available and suggested. Don’t wait until Tuesday, Aug. 6 to vote!

Jodie Dietz is the mother of two current Blue Valley students and a BV Southwest graduate. She has been highly involved with Blue Valley Schools for many years, both at her own children’s schools and at the district level, serving on multiple district committees. A committed community volunteer, Dietz has held positions with the Blue Valley Educational Foundation, Friends of the Johnson County Library, League of Women Voters, and Blue Valley Recreation. Deitz has also volunteered for SafeHome and volunteers regularly at her church, Church of the Resurrection.

We’ll be bringing you more information about this race and Jodie Dietz in the coming weeks. You can “Like” her Facebook page and visit her website for more information and to support her candidacy.

It’s not too late to register to vote in the August 6 primary! If your teen will be 18 by August 6, they can register now. (Same applies with the November 5 General Election.) Advance voting at BV Hilltop campus begins Monday, July 29 and we encourage our members to take advantage of this convenient option. You can also vote at your regular polling location on Tuesday, August 6 - but don’t wait until then to cast this important ballot. If you’ll be out of town, or just want to vote from home, request an advance mail ballot today. Remember that you have to stamp your ballot when returning it! To see the other races on your ballot, and register to vote or request an advance mail ballot, visit

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