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Candidate Profile: Jodie Dietz

We’ve endorsed Jodie Dietz for re-election to the Blue Valley School Board.

***ALL voters will vote in ALL FOUR Board positions!***

Advance Voting starts Sat. Oct. 28 at BV Hilltop.

Jodie Dietz is the current School Board President and has served one term on the Blue Valley School Board. Prior to her election 4 years ago, she had served in innumerable school and district-wide volunteer positions, including Board Advisory Committees, that give her a decade-plus perspective as a district volunteer, parent, and patron.

Fiscal responsibility: Dietz understands school funding - how funds can (and canNOT) be used. As a Board member, she has voted to increase teacher pay. She opposes diversion of public funds to private schools, church schools, or home schools, stating, “I cannot stress this enough, public funds should go to public schools.” Dietz has voted for fiscally-responsible Bond measures to provide upkeep and improvement to district facilities.

Thoughtful and Responsive: Dietz works on the Board to build bridges and find common ground, while solving problems in practical ways. Here’s what a SUBV member posted about Jodie: “I’ve learned the most about Jodie when we disagree on things – she listens carefully and can always articulate her thought process and rationale for her positions. Takes “all means all” very seriously and is excellent in diffusing tough or heated situations.”

Safety and Security: Dietz brings a history as a probation officer and thus experience with people having mental health and substance abuse issues. As the district prioritizes safety and security of our schools, her background in this field is critical.

Community Connections: Dietz serves on the Friends of the Library Board, where she advocates for improved literacy, and is a member of the FrameworkOP advisory team. She works as the Coordinator for the Collaboration Center at Johnson County Community College; JCCC offers our BV students college credits and the ability to attend college classes while in high school. Many BV students matriculate to JCCC as a top Community College in the country.

Teacher Pay and Retention: Dietz has voted to increase teacher pay, and understands that the overall funds available to pay teachers and staff are determined by the actions of the state Legislature. She has advocated with the legislature for adequate funding of our schools, including Special Education funding.

Innovative: Dietz serves on the Board of the CAPS network, which was started right here in Blue Valley. CAPS gives high school students real-world experiences in several career paths, while they earn credits toward graduation. Read more about CAPS:

Moderate and Mainstream: Dietz earned a 100% rating from Mainstream Coalition. Her opponent did not return the survey.

Dietz and her husband have lived in Blue Valley for over 25 years; two daughters have attended and graduated from BV Schools and one still attends.

Check your voter registration and order a mail ballot here:

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