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Who is funding the 1776 Project PAC? Let’s examine “Restoration.”

The New-York-based 1776 Project PAC has already stated their plan to take over our School Board; they've already taken over others - with disastrous results. 1776 has endorsed four candidates in this year’s Blue Valley BoE race. If even three of those candidates are elected - 1776 WILL take over. (Jim McMullen, current BoE member, was endorsed by 1776 in 2021. )

But...turns out 1776 has a major donor backing its PAC. If 1776 gains control of our Blue Valley School Board, who will really be pulling the strings? Introducing the “Restoration PAC.”

During the entire 2021-22 election cycle, the 1776 PAC raised $3.5 million, including $900,000 from the Restoration PAC.

The Restoration PAC is heavily underwritten by conservative billionaire Richard Uihlein from Illinois. In 2022, Restoration spent about $400,000 on TV ads in Kansas to support “Value Them Both” - the constitutional amendment removing the right to an abortion from the state constitution.

We read Restoration PAC’s Facebook page; they claim vote-by-mail is dangerous for election integrity, talk about “rigged” voting machines, and promote other election-fraud conspiracy theories. It includes the familiar “CRT” and “woke ideology” rhetoric. Their website blog repeatedly uses the anti-public school phrase “government schools.”

A Restoration PAC Facebook post from December 2022 says: “Public education is failing our children in so many ways.” Wow.

But Restoration PAC goes even farther, accusing public schools of “want(ing) to use a kind of invented spirituality to exert even more control over our children.” “They are being taught radical and perverted ideology presented to them by the Church of Government Schools.” They implore parents: “Stop the Cult of Government Schools.”

Restoration PAC: “The other solution is to continue supporting movements that make charter schools and home schooling possible and available to those seeking alternatives. If parents cannot trust teachers to be around their children, then perhaps it’s time to pull them out of the system entirely and let it financially collapse from lack of funding.”

Blue Valley voters must NOT allow billionaire outsiders with anti-public education, anti-Kansas, conspiracy-theory agendas to take over our school board. Not only would such ideology negatively impact the quality of education our Blue Valley students receive, it would seriously impair this area’s ability to attract innovative businesses, entrepreneurs, and young families. Property values would plummet. Educated professionals would move elsewhere. Voters MUST Stop The Takeover.

Vote for the experienced candidates who’ve demonstrated long-term support for our community and Blue Valley Schools: Hurley, Dietz, Kessinger and Norkey. In-person voting at Blue Valley Hilltop Campus begins Sat. Oct. 28. You can also vote by mail. Check your voter registration and order an Advance Mail Ballot at

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