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Our endorsements for the November 7, 2023 School Board race

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Stand Up Blue Valley is pleased to endorse the non-partisan A+ Team for Blue Valley Board of Education in the November 7, 2023 election:

Patrick Hurley Jodie Dietz Jan Kessinger Clay Norkey

These outstanding candidates have each given YEARS of service to Blue Valley students, our BV Schools and community, and are demonstrated leaders in Johnson County. The A+ Team is focused on Academics, Athletics, Art, and Activities - the things that make BV Schools excellent. We’ll help our members learn more about the A+ Team between now and Nov. 7 (with Advance In-Person Voting starting Oct. 28).

Voter turnout will be CRITICAL to ensuring excellence in our childrens’ education and keeping anti-public education special interests OFF our BV BOE. ALL Blue Valley voters will vote in *all four* of these vitally important races.

Read more about this election on our Facebook page or on our website Blog Please share with your friends and neighbors.

You can also help by Liking and Following these candidates on Facebook, and inviting your friends to do the same: Donate to the candidates here:

Voters who have a KS driver’s license can request a mail ballot now, using on any device that can register a signature (phone, iPad, etc.). Do this today, while it’s top of mind!

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