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Stand Up Blue Valley endorses Gina Knapp, Andrew Van Der Laan, and Lindsay Weiss

We’ve had a lot of good feedback about our posts on what we believe makes a qualified School Board candidate and why the candidates we’ve endorsed are the *most qualified.* Friends, this slate of candidates is OUTSTANDING. As we’ve gone through questionnaire responses, interview notes, websites, and social media to document the candidates’ qualifications, we found ourselves really thankful to have three candidates of this caliber to be able to endorse. Our community is fortunate that these three Blue Valley parents have volunteered to serve. Here’s a list of “qualifications” that we’ve covered over the past couple of weeks. Scroll back and read the posts if you’ve missed any. Understand how a School Board works Understand how schools are funded (and not make false or misleading claims about school funding) Understand and appreciate the NONpartisan nature of the School Board Demonstrate interest in Blue Valley Schools over time Community connections Value and support our district’s diversity Positive attitude (even when discussing what we can do better) We’ve recently learned that an out-of-state PAC with deep pockets and a thinly-veiled racist agenda has endorsed the three candidates that we DIDN’T endorse; read about that here: We spent several posts outlining for voters why we endorsed Andrew Van Der Laan, Gina Knapp, and Lindsay Weiss - they’re the MOST QUALIFIED candidates for our Board of Education. Endorsement of the OTHER candidates by outsiders trying to fool voters into thinking our schools teach materials they don’t teach and that diversity is a bad word just emphasizes the importance of this election. All three School Board seats on the ballot have one candidate who would NOT be a good choice for our schools. That makes this the single most important School Board election in years. Let’s elect qualified Blue Valley parents who are running for the School Board to serve all our kids. We have 3 1/2 weeks until mail ballots arrive, 5 weeks until advance in-person voting starts, and 6 1/2 weeks until election day. Help us spend that time reaching as many Blue Valley voters as possible by sharing our Facebook page with your friends, and talking about the election at school and neighborhood events. If you haven’t signed up to help, here’s the link:


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