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Unequivocally the MOST QUALIFIED for the job of School Board representatives

When making endorsements for Blue Valley School Board, we thought about our ideal Board members and what their qualifications would be. We compared candidates in each of the three races based on those specifics.

The three candidates we endorsed stood out in EVERY way. We believe Andrew Van Der Laan, Gina Knapp, and Lindsay Weiss are clearly and unequivocally the MOST QUALIFIED for the job of School Board representative.

***ALL Blue Valley voters will vote in ALL THREE RACES.***

Read more about each Qualification and how the candidates compare, on our website:

Here are the Qualifications we considered: 1. Understand how a School Board works 2. Understand how schools are funded - and not make false or misleading claims about school funding 3. Understand and appreciate the NONpartisan nature of the School Board 4. Demonstrate interest in our Blue Valley Schools over time (by service at the school and/or district level in volunteer roles) 5. Community Connections (they represent the community) 6. Value and support our district’s diversity 7 . Positive attitude

Voters have a choice in each race. Help your friends choose wisely by letting them know how we made our endorsements. In-person voting begins Saturday at BV Hilltop Campus and other locations! See our Voting Guide at


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